Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

In respect to the online service agreement of our website, www.adultvibeslingerie.com, certain terms and conditions have been laid upon that must be read and understood very carefully. Prior to accessing any data from this website, the below terms and conditions must be agreed and accepted:

  •          Prior to taking an order at Adultvibes Lingerie, we first check whether the user is 18 years of age and above. By any means if it is found that the user has not specified his/her age limit or he/she is below 18 years of age, the order will not be accepted. To place the order successfully, the user must clearly state his/her age.


  •          For a wrong product delivered to a customer, he/she must report within 48 hours. However, if he/she fails to do so within this time limit, his/her return request will not be granted.


  •          The request for replacement of a product from the customer will be granted. However, one will not be able to claim for any refund.


  •          No return request shall be granted for products that have been already used. As we deal in fresh products, we do not entertain requests for used ones. Our objective behind selling fresh products is to ensure health and hygiene.


  •          Adultvibes Lingerie sells products solely for personal use and not for any business purpose.


  •          If there is any mishap on behalf of the customer that has caused damage to the product, Adultvibes Lingerie will not be answerable for it. In such cases, no return request will be entertained.